4 Star Property Management

Here at Four Star Property Management we take pride in your community. Our staff specializes in the knowledge and experience required to provide the services tailored specifically to your community. Our Property Managers are top notch paying special attention to the precise needs of your community.

Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright.

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Four Star Property Management is a commercial enterprise with expertise in real estate asset management and related activities that exists for the purpose of generating sales and profits for its investors, owners, managers and staff. Because Four Star is a service business, it exists to serve its customers. These purposes are inextricably linked; one aspect cannot exist without the other.


Four Star Property Management will provide our customers with professional, high-quality service. Our customers will always be treated as important. When it comes time for our customers to decide where to spend their dollars, we will strive to be their first choice.

Real Estate

Looking to buy or sell your home? 4 Star Property Management has joined forces with well known broker John Monaghan. John has owned and operated a real estate company for over 40 years in the Lehigh Valley. Though specializing in the 55+ communities, John’s vast experience can help anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Click here to visit John’s Real Estate Website.


We will be a good neighbor to the businesses in our area, and we will be a contributing and supportive member of our community.