Community Management

Though we are considered “Property Management” and “Property Managers” in the industry; we prefer to be called Community Managers because we do so much more than just manage the property. We manage the community as a whole, not just the property it’s on. We handle everything from overseeing contractors to administering the income and expenses of the community. We take pride in each one of our communities and strive to make our relationship with our Homeowners and Board members our main concern.

We take a professional and serious approach to our business and invest in people and technology that make us the best of the best. We aim to provide service and pricing that cannot be beat.
  • Communication /correspondence between board and homeowners
  • Contract and insurance bidding
  • Homeowner requests/ modification forms
  • Newsletters as directed by board (at cost)
  • Oversee compliance with Uniform Planned Community Act and/or Uniform Condominium Act by all parties
  • Maintain and uphold rules and regulations set by the board
  • Attend at least 4 board meetings and annual meeting as designated in contract
  • Supply Certificates of Resale at owners cost thru
We have one fact we always remember: Your community is your home; and your home is your biggest asset. We make it a priority to preserve, maintain and enhance the property values of your community.