4 Star Property Management is looking for homeowners and community board members that want to make managing their communities easier than ever before. Although we are considered “Property Managers” in the industry; we prefer to be called “Community Managers” because we do so much more than just manage the property.
We make it a priority to preserve, maintain and enhance the property values of your community. We take pride in each one of our communities and strive to make our relationship with the homeowners and board members our main concern.
With over 70 years of combined service and experience, 4 Star Property Management provides:
  • Bookkeeping – timely reporting of the income and expenses of your community with over a 95% collection rate
  • Community Management – handling the day-to-day operations
  • Maintenance – providing inspections and access to the best contractors in the region
  • Real Estate – our relationship with broker Howard Hanna will help your homeowners buy or sell their home
Our Mission
Our mission is to build a trustworthy relationship with Homeowners and Board members delivering personalized care to each Community that we are truly passionate about.

We will provide our customers with professional, high-quality service. Our customers will always be treated as important.

When it comes time for a Board to decide who to manage their community, we want to be their first and only choice.